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Supporters for Chris

What impresses me the most is how hard working Chris is.

Poulos For Souhington

To me the choice is obvious… Elect Chris Poulos.

Bill Lutz, Southington Resident

Chris will listen to you, Chris will pay attention to you, and Chris will be honest with you.

Dave Zoni, Former State Representative, 81st District

Chris knows how he can better the lives of the people he serves.

Kevin Beaudoin, Southington Board of Finance

Chris was proactive in getting tax relief for Seniors, the Disabled, and Veterans.

Alicia Novi, Commissioner, Southington Zoning Board of Appeals

You could tell how much helping the people of Southington really mattered to Chris.

Tony D'Angelo, Former Town Councilor

When you ask him a question or talk about an issue, you know exactly where he stands.

Sue Zoni, Southington Board of Finance

Chris thinks about creative ways to solve problems… how to save us money while doing what needs to be done.

Bob Brown, Former Southington Teacher and BOE Member

Chris is a moderate. In this day and age when we have such divided politics... that’s what we need.

Betty Lutz, Former Principal, Kelley School

The things I know about Chris Poulos are simple: He's a man of integrity... he respects people... he listens.

Paul Bedard, Attorney and Business Owner

What I admire about Chris is that not only is he a person of integrity and a family man, but he’s an independent thinker.

Christine Shanley-Buck, Fire Commissioner

Chris does what's right... it may go against party lines... it may go against what other people want, but he has always been able to be at peace with the decisions he has made.

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     William Lutz, Treasurer
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