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Chris Wants to Represent You in Hartford so That He Can...

  • Collaborate with Independents, Republicans, and Democrats to ensure that the uptick in crime results in severe and swift consequences for those who break the law in our communities.
  • Work to provide substantial tax relief for Connecticut residents and businesses that are dealing with the impact of inflation and the pandemic.
  • Make sure Southington gets its fair share in state education funding to help invest in our students, while holding the line on our local taxes.
  • Advocate for local control of our zoning regulations with a continued focus on the preservation of open space.
  • Provide meaningful support to seniors to allow them to stay in their homes.

Hear Chris Share His Ideas on...  

Support for Firefighters 

Support for Public Safety 

Roe v. Wade 

Key Issues 

Advocacy for Open Spaces

Civil and Productive Discourse

Crime and Bipartisanship

Why I am Running for State Representative

Leading with Integrity

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